Walk with me

Walk with me

Love your life. Learn the tools. Live your dream.

We all live more than once. Our past consists of many lives and thousands of years of accumulated experiences. Every person is born with a task. Your life is there to discover that task and to live your dream. Every part of your life – every person, every animal that you encounter, help you to get closer to your mission. They help to remind you of your purpose.

Embrace the hard times, an illness or the loss of a loved one. All this occurs for one reason only: To awaken your ancient wisdom and to liberate your wild heart.

Be brave! Start your journey.

The world needs you.

Every human is unique. I bet you’ve heard that a lot, but don’t know yet what it exactly means for you. On one hand you should be unique and on the other hand everyone expects you to fulfil norms, adapt and follow like a sheep in the herd.

Every human is born with a gift. It is well sealed and will open up slowly over the years.

Like a Rose. First there is a bud, then beneath the warm sunbeams it starts to slowly open and spread its fragrance. Even as a little shoot, the rose knows exactly what it wants to be. It’s inherent and has nothing to do with thoughts. That’s exactly how it is with you. Your core knows exactly who you are, what your gifts and talents are, what you’re good at, which efforts are worth it, because it is the rose inside you who want it. That is your gift you brought with you into this life. Your Dream.

The journey from dream to reality always begin with the first step.

We all long to live with the wisdom of our souls fulfilled and to be connected to horses on a deeper level.

Horses are messengers in our lives. It is up to us to decipher the message and to grow together in harmony and balance.

The era we are living in is completely insane.

More and more humans feel it and bear witness to it. There is a conscious revolution taking place. In all this chaos, our crisis-driven-world is experiencing a dramatic change through the new emerging way of thinking and ever changing relationship culture between humans. These are the words from Christina Kessler, one of the many great women who through their work, their books and seminars try to break down the barriers that prevent peoples hearts from blossoming.

Astrologists can explain this phenomenon to us. Due to the constellation of the stars and the high frequency that hits onto earth from the universe it has all been revolving around one thing since May, 2017: The opening of hearts and self-realization.

We all feel the symptoms: Old agreements dissolve, beliefs are being left behind, the ego no longer wants to battle. The desire for flow and ease is overpowering, our nerves are running on an all-time high and at the same time we are flooded with new ideas that have potential for the future. Our own ideas, sudden sparks that reveal a new perspective, flashes of inspiration that drive us into our minds and never let go.

At the same time, we feel like we are going crazy. Everything seems to be changing around us, whether we want it or not. We no longer feel comfortable in our jobs. We begin to leave our comfort zones. We break relationships. Our hearts no longer want to continue as is and it is screaming for us to search for something with true meaning. The mind can no longer be the leading figure. A new power is awakened in ourselves: The intelligence of the heart.

The era we live in,

is an inviation to make the most of yourself

and to offer it to the world.

The world is changing faster and faster. We cannot stop that, but we can change ourselves. You can begin to live by your hearts desires and start to experience miracles.

Discover who you are, what your true purpose in life is and the role your horse plays in it.

Wild Heart

The 28-day-program for women with horses!

We are unstoppable!

Kathi & Celaeno

I had just decided to go from Ibiza to Portugal to help found a vegan community in the Algarve. Celeano was my foster horse from a rescue operation. A horse with many scars on his soul from the many different owners that he had in his early years. I felt a strong bond between us, but I wasn’t sure if I could expect of him to move again. In the Wild Heart program, we learned how to communicate mentally with horses.

My question to Celeano was clear and the answer I obtained was the last push I required to be certain that my decision to start a new future together is right. My own spiritual roots are in the stars, in the Pleiades. I’ve known that since a long time but Karen did not know that. During communication with Celeano, she saw the constellation of the Pleiades in Celeano’s eyes.

He reassured me that our souls have reunited after a long journey and that together we will shift a lot of things. The project www.holistic-being-with-horses.com was born out of our joint experiences and is constantly evolving. We are unstoppable!

Every soul is born into the world with a purpose.

Kara und Tango

The Wild Heart program confirmed what I had always anticipated: Every soul is born with a task. Only if I follow this task, I can put my talents to use and find peace.

My horse has taught me that my distrust towards people is justified when they limit my freedom and question my competence. Our common element is the ocean. The water cleanses us from negative energies and gives us back our ancient trust. It awakens our inner child and makes us free and happy.

I have realized that the deep yearning drives me to develop my life into something great, to work together with humans and horses to contribute to peace. We can make the world into a better place if we begin with our own happiness. With my own company, I now reach out my hand to other seekers and support them on their path to their personal freedom.

Welcome at www.juntoscoaching.com

I got pregnant shortly after.

Jasmin und Brando

Brando is a very sensitive horse and reacts with rejection towards too much pressure. Just like me. Brando is my mirror. I have done many things in my life and I was good at all of them. However, I got to a point where I asked myself: What do I really want to do? What do I burn for? During a meditation to my female power, I saw that an old key was handed to me. I didn’t know what for but I sensed that there is a great treasure resting in me which I wanted to discover. The next day I found a sick barn owl. I could not save her but she left something in me.

It was the memory of ancient wisdom and the dream to pass it onto a child. I got pregnant shortly after.

I started to completely open up during my pregnancy and consequently met great people who helped me on my path to a natural, fearless birth. My biggest wish is to help more women have wonderful birth experiences. So I founded Boho Baby and organized an online congress with experts from around the world regarding the topic of happy birth and in my blog I inform about pregnancy and babies. My daughter Suri is my greatest gift.

My life-long dream became true

Noreen und Jimmy

Since my childhood I’ve had a strong fear of loss which is why I always tried to please everyone. I always came last. I ignored the pains in my body and interpreted them as my own strength. Already after the first day in the Wild Heart Program my perception completely changed.

It was as if a curtain was pulled away. I suddenly viewed everything differently that I encountered. At that time, I had a permanent pain in the spine from an accident with a horse. The pain did not disappear even with the help of many different therapies.

I learned to ask the universe for help and the following day I found an injured pigeon, which died in my own hands. Its message was clear: Take care of yourself.

Love yourself first and give yourself the time to heal. That’s exactly what I did and during the process I grew out of many things like a relationship that did me no good. Today I live with my little family and have the profession I always dreamed of. I live my talents and every day I feel that I am in the right place.

Finally, I have the courage to make decisions that are important to me. I bought my own horse after having a foster horse for many years.

I am prepared to take responsibility. My lifelong dream came true, here at http://www.alegria-ibiza.org/.

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