Soul Connection

The story of me & my horses

Soul Connection

The story of me & my horses

My Story

As a child I longed for a wild life in nature, for freedom, without the limitations of a city. Fortunately, I spent a lot of time on the farm of my great-grandmother. There, between horses, cows, hay and sweet peas, I found my destiny. At six years of age I knew that you do not find true happiness on the surface, it lies in the connection between the soul of our planet and all its living beings.

At the age of 12 I found my spiritual roots in Native American culture. The more I read about Native traditions and the perfection of life, the more I realized how nature tells us everything we need to know about life, and more clearly I saw, that almost nobody in Western society teaches children the basic tools for living a happy life.

At the age of 14 I made a promise to myself: I will never forget how a child feels.

I promised to be a different kind of adult, helping young people to understand the world and believe in their dreams. Now, in my fifties, I am deeply grateful to realize, that I have kept that promise. But it was a long, arduous journey getting here.

When I was 16, I was asked what I wanted to become by a career counselor. I looked straight at the woman and said: Veterinarian, Textile designer, Landscape architect and Author. Pitifully she stroked my head, “You have to decide. You cannot have everything.”

I would love to tell her today that she was wrong and how important it is to believe in the dreams of young people. I sure did follow mine. I studied veterinary medicine for seven years and worked as a carpet designer for seven years just by my creative talent. After that, I started a landscaping business which I now, after 21 successful years, handed over to my son to live my next chapter: writing and teaching.



I always wanted to have a big family. 

I dreamed of my tribe, with many children and animals, living the values I believed in. The vision was strong enough to carry me through two marriages and face the dark sides of life.

At 33, I moved on my own, with two small children, to Ibiza, Spain, where I met my third husband, and all I had seen in my vision became reality. Our four sons grew up amongst fruit trees and animals, in a loving community where all meet in respect, honoring life in all aspects. Today, they are grown up and carry these values on into their own lives.

The journey for myself started with my white, wise horse Xaloc. He came just at the right time to teach me everything that I needed to learn as a mother of four sons and a wife in a patchwork family with a freedom-loving husband. I learned to not lose myself in all of this. To view the tasks presented to me day-by-day as a rewarding challenge. To be a fair, loving, consistent mother who cares about herself and sets an example for her children.

Xaloc's Story

Xaloc was my first horse. He was five and I was 38. A young Spanish stallion with big, dark eyes and an unruly power. When we first met the only thing we had in common was our big dark eyes. We were the complete opposite of a “perfect match” and no one in their right mind advised me to buy him. Nevertheless, I did it. Following a yearning sensation and an inner voice that whispered: “Do it, he is the best thing that will happen to you”.

Daring and trusting

At that time I was tired from the daily demands in the company and taking care of my large family. I had servere back pain and felt there was never any time just for me. But for him I gave myself time. Through him I learned to take care of myself and I then became healthy again very quickly. Xaloc and I travelled to the best teachers of Europe, every place was a milestone where I met people who set the next course for me. I could feel how it all came true, the things I had heard from my inner voice were now real. Xaloc was my true teacher. Through him I did not just learn to ride. I learned to truly master life – with heart, trust, discipline, perseverance, focus, joy and an intuitive sense for the right moments.

Together with him I founded the school Alegria Natural Horse & Life Academy for young people, where children learn the tools for a happy life.

Horses are my masters. I owe everything to them.

Habaneros Story

On my 53rd birthday the white Lusitano stallion, with the distinctive scar on his face, came into my life. Everything that I had known about soul connection obtained a new dimension through him. I longed for a change and felt that an ancient knowledge residing in me was urging to come out. That is when he came along and suddenly everything made sense.

He took me on a magical journey that you can follow in my movie. A soul horse like Habanero is a huge gift. Since I discovered our story, my heart overflows whenever I see him. This love is necessary as he is not an easy horse. He is extremely thin-skinned and questions everything I do with him.

Before he can trust something new he needs it to be explained to him in detail. I cannot just train him according to a plan. This horse challenges me to find new ways, to listen over and over again, to slow down, to become calm and trust.

He challenges my female energy like no other. When I asked for advice about buying Habanero, my astrologer and my shaman said:

“He came for you and together you will reach a new dimension.”

At the time I did not know what that meant. Today it has already become reality. I have written a book, founded the Wild Heart Project, changed profession, built an online business, and met people who are interested in making a big movie out of our story.

In a short period everything happened to me. After I met the man who gave me the little figure that brought all the ends together, my life has changed radically. It has become pure magic.

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