I will bring your magic back

Wild Heart


Karen Sailer.

I am Modern Medicine-Woman, Mentor, Author, Storyteller, Horsewoman & Spiritual Guide.

When you look deep within you have a longing sensation to live up to your true-self and the desire to be a wholesome woman. Powerful, untamed and yet gentle. To fulfill the desire to realize yourself that is burning inside you. To feel a deep soul-connection to your horse and to recognize why that horse is a part of your life. I can relate to that. And, I know how to get you there.

Our souls are connected through an invisible thread. There is no greater gift than recognizing the correlations, to experience the moments where everything makes sense, and all the pieces from the puzzle of your life are connected in order to reveal the true picture.

Spirituality is not reserved for only a few individuals. You are born with it. Just like the dream you have for your life. It is all inside of you already.


My magical journey 

Do you want to go on your own magical journey with your horse and discover yourself?
But you don't know how, you lack courage and inspiration. Then watch my film “The magical journey of Karen Sailer”.
You will see your horse and the world with new eyes.

If you want to know how my magical journey continues and what real wonders are unfolding then join my Facebook group and become part of a strong community.

Together, let us unravel your dreams!

“Go your own way” are the magic words of a generation of seekers. However, how do you know what YOUR way is and what purpose you were born for? Never has it been this easy as it is today to extract the most out of our lives and share it with the world. My purpose is to support women with horses to find their dreams and thus their own way.

I was fortunate enough to already know as a child what my dream for my life is and to firmly believe in it. At the age of 14 I knew: I want to become a veterinarian, textile designer, landscaper and author. Accompanied by the wisdom teachings of great shamans and spiritual masters I have lived all the stages and led them to success. I have earned millions and am living the dream I was born with.

Every person can learn to do that!

Customer Love


“Finally someone dares to lead women back to their roots. To their true connection to themselves and all living things between heaven and earth. Karen Sailer's Wild Heart Program is the quintessence of an extraordinary spiritual path. It has completely changed my perception. I was able to see the signs I encountered on a daily basis and which I had passed by carelessly before. I learned to see them and to trust a higher intelligence.

Today I know who I am – and live my life in inner strength and attentiveness. 

The Wild Heart program is a source of inspiration that continues to bubble after the 28 days. I have been given concrete tools to understand my body, mind and soul and use them to create the life I want. My life dream is no longer an idea. It has become a concrete, conscious and real act of transformation.”

Karen Sailer
Apdo. de correos 49
07810 San Juan – Ibiza
Email: Team@KarenSailer.com

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